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Whiteboard,A Board,China White Board,Wooden Chalkboard,Roll Up Stand,Blackboard

Felt Board,Cork Board,Flip Chart,Memo Board,Message Board,Chalkboard,Menu Board,Child Board,Promotion Board, Combination Board,Pin Board,Dry Erase Board,Magnetic Whiteboard,Green Board,Kids Whiteboard,Reversible Whiteboard,Marker Board

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One of the Largest Selection of Whiteboard, A Board and Chalkboard

About Us .

First BOARD is a professional whiteboard supplier in China. First Board exports 98% boards to different markets all over the world with good reputation on the quality.

Established in 2006, NINGBO First BOARD SUPPLIER CO.,LTD is a professional manufacturer and supplier of stationery, mainly all kinds of Writing boards, Whiteboard, Corkboard, Chalk board, Felt board, Flipchart and A board.

We pay attention to the production and service, we guarantee our customers, never old or new customer, competitive price, good quality and no-delay shipment. Our Trademark is First BOARD . We also have good relationship with our material supplier and packing supplier, we keep each production step will be smooth.

After 6 years nice working, we have own many long-time cooperation customers, and our factory enlarge to make our production ability stronger, and we also built another brother factory to finish busy production on time. Moreover, we are successfully expanding display equipment to the international market, such as ROLL UP STAND. We accept OEM or ODM orders. We hope for the developing together with our customer, First BOARD can be more and more productive  effective and creative. We plan to work together with a design company to enrich our products.

Sales team of First BOARD hope for your trust and chance, we trust u will find that First BOARD is a good cooperator for your business.

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